Old wine, new bottle! SEO & Social Media Marketing

Yes, It's true. There is nothing new about internet marketing. It is neither different nor a difficult terrain. It's just an old wine in a new bottle- period.

What I just did is the basics of what I do best. (and I will tell you what I am best at in a while)

1st - I took away the fear of failing,

2nd I gave you hope, it's easy, doable...

3rd I grabbed your attention to know more...learn a few tricks out of the box!

This is marketing! An age old fundamental of getting things around.

What we do on the web is a well structured, refined and well documented way of ... Marketing! Thus my statement - 'Old wine, new bottle'

The catch is, if you know the web structure well but are unaware of core marketing skills, you will still fail. therefore the art is to know what you want & by using your techniques of online marketing, you get there in style.

But before we begin, let me tell you, you need two important things to succeed here...

1. Discipline

2. An open mind

If you have the two, you'll be killing it!

Discipline: to understand that you're not the one who can change a lot but can always align & be where you want.

Open mind : to accept & learn & restructure to move forward. (Keeping your ego aside)

People come to me asking for a website that will showcase their products or services. The common notion is that if you have one, you will gallivant to the top in no time!

How untrue..

Having a website is the first step. A prerequisite; it cannot be compromised.

The analogy I give is that of a horse race.....

To win a horse race, your first prerequisite is to have a HORSE...

While mules & donkeys do resemble one....they're not horses for sure, so can't beat one in a race.

Similarly, you might have a tight budget & you squeeze the developer to get a website that looks great although there is no SEO implementations or the structured data is weak. It's a donkey in disguise!

It's not a horse- a prerequisite for winning.

The short squeezy budget will take away whatever money you have & still do nothing substantial so If you don't have enough money, wait & prepare for the big game or simply beg, borrow or steal but get it right the very first time!

There are again two types of people-

One who wait for things to happen.....others who make it happen.

Remember, you are all about the choices you've made in life, so stop complaining!

Your website is the Holy Grail, your gateway to the other world- a bridge between darkness & light & you just can't compromise on this one.

Understand this, If this falls in the right place, to the right audience at the right time, it can change the way you are, how you perceive & conceive things for the longest period of your life!

Yes, you just can't afford to go wrong here!


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